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Mining Supplies

Best Mining Supplies to ensure mining workers return home safe to thier families.

Protective Clothing

We Are A Leading Company Specializing In PPE Coverall, Isolation Gown, Apron, etc.

Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Risk assessments play an integral role in workplace health and safety which is why we try our best to keep you safe by minimizing them.

Training Material and Installation Guides

We provide all relavant documentation for all our products.


Our Unique Products

Tsilo Multimat supplies the MultiNet™ steel wire rope net product, with the following key features:

  • Planning Solution
  • Galvanised wire rope construction
  • 3mm diameter inner wire rope with 6mm diameter boundary wire rope
  • 150mm x 150mm standard aperture, or 100mm x 100mm for specific applications
  • Additional 6mm wire rope strands at attachment points conforming to typical bolt spacing configuration
  • Steel pressed cross-wire clips and boundary clips for added strength
  • Modular construction with spiral wire or steel clips to attach nets together to desired area without sacrificing dynamic load capability
  • Permanent or temporary net applications

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This product works underground for the permanent support of hanging and side wall for any unplanned Fall of Grounds.

It gets pinned together with support roof bolts for stability. It has been used underground and has helped in saving lives for employees underground.

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Tsilo Multimat supplies a range of cementitious grout products for use in the grouting of tendon support products such as rock bolts and shepherd’s crooks.

The range includes pumpable grouts and capsule grouts in various packaging options and compositions to suit the intended application.

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The types of protective equipment used in the mining and manufacturing industries includes safety goggles, steel-toed boots, safety helmets, long-sleeved shirts, long trousers, high visibility vests, ear plugs or hats. It’s also important to have speciality protective clothing and equipment for specific jobs such as welding helmets or arc flash face shields. It’s the employer’s duty to ensure clothing and equipment is appropriately fitting for each employee. For example, if a respirator is too large or too small it will not prevent employees from breathing in harmful substances. Clothing and equipment may need to be purchased for each individual employee.

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