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Tsilo Trading Enterprise

Founded in 2017, Tsilo Multimat is a dynamic and entrepreneurial company created to provide quality products and services to the mining industry. Within the broad spectrum of mining supplies, Tsilo Multimat focuses mainly on underground safety and support products, it being an ongoing passion of the founders that mining should be a safe industry where workers can use quality products to improve conditions underground and ensure that each mineworker goes home safely to their families and loved ones at the end of each shift. To this end, Tsilo Multimat provides a range of products which are designed with safety in mind, but also ensures that these products are cost-effective to lower the overall cost of safety and make its products accessible to all underground mining operations. In addition, Tsilo Multimat ensures that its products are readily available through careful management of logistics, supply of raw materials and components, stock management and ordering and delivery frequencies. A product with the best safety features is of no use if it is not available on time.

To ensure that the products it supplies to its valued mining customers meet and exceed all technical design requirements, Tsilo Multimat has entered into a strategic alliance with Multimat Industrial Solutions (Pty) Ltd (“Multimat”), a company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of safety-critical mining products. Together with Tsilo Multimat’s significant sales and marketing expertise, Multimat’s experience in developing inventive products that suit the needs of the mining industry ensures that the best possible product is delivered to our customers. Finally, Tsilo Multimat is committed to the process of transformation in the mining supply industry. It is 100% black owned with a level 1 BBBEE rating, and is committed, together with its strategic partners, to stimulate ongoing job creation for the benefit of the communities in which it operates.

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MultiMat Team
Tsilo Trading Enterprise (Pty) Ltd over time has allied itself with strategic companies that makes transition and operation easier, upon acquiring sales I deal with Multimat for raw materials and finished products and they deliver to different mines.
Tsilo Trading Enterprise (Pty) Ltd is operating with all the mining provinces and has over time quoted and made small business with municipalities.
We currently in a 12-month Office Cleaning Contract with Mangaung Metro Municipality at Thaba Nchu Magistrate Court
We are passionate about our work and would love to expand and do good and legit business with Government if that permits.
Mission and Vision


Providing inventive, quality products to increase the safety of mineworkers throughout South Africa.


Our vision is to see our products being used by all of our mining customers every day, in order to ensure that each worker returns home safely.


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